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Welcome to Sasti Flights

Meaning of Sasti Flight?

Sasti Means Cheap, people who are searching for Sasti flight are probably looking for cheap flight. Their dialect tells they are from Pakistan or India.

Methods of finding a Sasti Flight?

Their are two preferred methods of booking a Sasti (Cheap) Flight.

  1. Traditional Method of Booking Through a High Street travel agency
  2. Searching and Booking Online

Pros and Cons of Booking through a high street agent.

Booking flights and all travel arrangements through a local high street agent was used to be very popular and preferred method historically. But now due to ease and transparency people are inclined towards booking online. But still there are some old school folks who prefer to book through local agents. There are following pro and cons of this method.


More save. You know those agents generally personally and can easily trust them with your payments.


It more expensive way of booking flight. As local agents add more profit margins on tickets due to their expenses, they can not give tickets cost to cost.

Pro and Cons of booking flights online

Booking online has almost become the only and preferred method of booking flights and other travel products for most of people. Followings are its pros and cons.


You are guaranteed to get cheapest price due to comparison sites.

Its very easy and almost on your tip of fingers to find and book cheapest flight.


In some cases it can not be as safe as booking with local agent. You need to do proper due diligence before making payment. Make sure the company you are dealing with is ATOL protected.

Sasti flight to pakistan

Mostly people searching for Sasti flights are looking for flights to major cities of Pakistan, Like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi etc.

Sasti flights to lahore

If you are looking for direct flight to Lahore, then PIA is your option. If you don’t mind going in-direct then you have multiple options like Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airline. Gulf Airline, Saudi Airline, Turkish Airline. etc. Bellow are some schedules of flights.

Sasti flights to islamabad

For Islamabad direct options are PIA and British Airways. In indirect Flights you have all options that go to Lahore.

Sasti flight ticket to Karachi

For Karachi Direct flight is PIA and in in-direct flights all options that go to Lahore and Islamabad they also go to Karachi as well.

Sasti flight to India

We can help our clients book Sasti flights to India. to all major indian airports and cities of india.

Sasti flights to Amritsar

We can book sasti flights to Amritsar from all UK airports.

Sasti flights to Dehli

Looking for flights to Dehli let us book best fares for you.

Sasti flight ticket to Mumbai

We have special fare and discounted deals on flights to Mumbai

Flights from All Major UK Airports:

We can help you book your flight from all major airports of United Kingdom and Irland. Like London Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airport, Birmingham Airport, Glasgow Airport etc.


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